30 Best Bold Fonts to Level Up Your UI Design

1. WatermelonBe bold but be cautious!

2. Aviatica

3. A Pompadour

4. Fat

5. Scarllet

6. Hansief

7. Gant

8. Rusted Bevel

9. OneLine Bold

10. Peace Sans

11. Daughter

12. Building

13. Bison

14. Fake Empire

15. Higher

16. Paralines

17. Cosmoball

18. Handblock Regular

19. Fjord

20. Portico

21. Wreckout

22. Eiffell

23. Tokyo

24. Bjola Sans

25. Miasto

26. Pure Dance

27. Cubano

28. Sovereign

29. Bold Face

30. Heisman

Wrap up

Making the right choice of font can take your projects to the next level and attract more users. So, this post is intended to help you find bold fonts that will suit you and elevate your websites and blogs. Hopefully, this roundup will help you find what you need and even identify a few favorites.



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