Woo-hoo! Easter Day is around the corner! Our Easter sale is live now! Go play our Easter egg cracking game and you will win a prize — up to 65% off all Mockplus products.

This offer ends on April 15th. Only available for a short time!

Hurry up! Go get the offer and have some fun!

What are the Easter Sales?

Mockplus is evolving how we design and collaborate. This Easter, we are bringing you huge savings on Mockplus through discounts and games:

Mockplus Cloud

To level up your team collaboration, we have a special easter edition that bundles 5 users at a much lower price:

We are so excited to roll out our new feautres with you. In Mockplus Cloud, we have introduced an amazing Figma plugin that lets all you designers import artboards with marked assets. We have also added a faster preview Presentation mode for quickly checking designs without having to open a new Preview window.

Mockplus Cloud

We’ve released a new Figma plugin!

In this new update we have introduced a brand new Figma plugin to help designers quickly import designs and assets directly from Figma. Now your entire project workflow can be streamlined by using Figma and Mockplus in unison, saving you precious time.

Use the “Add slice layer”…

We’ve also added new features to facilitate your prototyping process with the latest update. Let’s check the details now!

Mockplus RP

Hide any pages as you wish

If you want to hide a page in project tree, you can right click this page and choose “Hide” in the pop-up menu. When previewing, hidden pages are invisible to those without project editing permissions. (Note: Those who have editing permissions will still see hidden pages when previewing).

With this latest update, we are excited to introduce many new features that will surely boost your team’s efficiency. First, a task management section helps you create and manage design tasks, as well as link them with associated projects, so, you can have full control of your entire design and review process. When prototyping with your team, you can now hide pages as you wish. The specs between components are also improved this time.

Let’s take a look at all these new features now!

Manage design and review tasks

Have you ever worked in a product team where everyone designs a project in one tool…

We’re excited to introduce the new Figma plugin that helps you directly gather designs and assets from Figma for further collaboration with your team in Mockplus. Everyone that is interested in trying it can get a 3-month free offer.

Mockplus provides a collaboration environment for teams and enterprises for a purpose we are always fighting for — to let everyone collaborate faster and easier.

In the past two years, Mockplus has released Plugins for Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop and Sketch. Teams from all over the world have exported millions of designs from those design tools to Mockplus to finalize the…

Mockplus Black Friday Sale 2020 — up to 50% OFF Deal had ended last week! Thank you very much for supporting Mockplus!!!

Every designer and product team can still go to our pricing page and enjoy all powerful design and collaboration features at a reasonable and affordable price.

What are the Black Friday deals?

To celebrate the upcoming Black Firday and let designers and product teams design and collaborate better online, we bring everyone two amazing deals:

Deal 1: Buy a coupon early — Get 70% OFF Mockplus Cloud Annual plans

To enjoy up to 70% off discount on all Mockplus Cloud Annual plans, you need to know the following:

Go Buy the coupon and get all Mockplus Cloud annual…

Details in the What, the Why & the How

A wireframe is a perfect tool that helps you visualize design ideas and test it out at the very begining stage of designing a website or mobile app. To help design beginners learn it better, this article explores what is a wireframe, in which situations is it useful and how to make a wireframe.

What is wireframe?

Either you are a designer, a developer, you’ve probably heard of the term “wireframe”. So what’s a wireframe? It is essentially a low-fidelity layout design. …

Recently, we’ve updated both Mockplus Cloud and Mockplus RP, and bring you more new features to power up your product design workflow. For example, while prototyping web or mobile apps, you can use the new Table component to create smart forms and data lists with simple clicks. When accidentally deleting web pages, also don’t worry! A new solution for this situation — Recycle Bin- has been released to help you find them all back with ease. Other new features, such as the new Eyedropper tool, JPG format assets, password protected preview links, nesting project folders, etc, are also worth trying…

Hello, friends! News Flash! Mockplus Cloud has been updated AGAIN!

This time, lots of new features have been added to simplify your design handoff process.

Let’s go over the features of Mockplus Cloud:

1.Auto generate design specs for designers & developers

The specs of the imported designs from Sketch/XD/PS/Axure will be automatically generated. Designers and developers can easily click or hover on any element to check the corresponding design spec details.

Get numerous documents while designing and do not know how to manage them perfectly? Are you looking for a third-party document management tool to fix everything? Don’t worry! You come to the right place.

Mockplus Cloud is not only a platform that allows designers and developers to design, comment, iterate and handoff designs with ease, but also offers a special “Resource” mode to manage messy design documents and other resources easily by groups.

Recently, this “Resource” mode has been upgraded with more new features, enabling you and your team to upload and manage design resources faster and easier.

Let’s check…


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