A Beginner’s Guide on How to Make a Wireframe in 2020

What is wireframe?

Either you are a designer, a developer, you’ve probably heard of the term “wireframe”. So what’s a wireframe? It is essentially a low-fidelity layout design. Unlike traditional design works, a wireframe puts less focus onto the visual aspects of things but focuses on the link logic of a button, the layout of a page in terms of information importance, and the general user experience.

How to Make a wireframe in 6 Steps

Wireframes have the ability to invite people to work grounded details, to decide on a final version before handing over to designers for detailes. They are often utilized by UX designers, product owners or product managers in the process. Often, they are in greyscale with no images, fonts used only to displace differences in the importance of information. It is intentionally so so that the attention is kept only on the logic and functionality of the product. The follwing are steps of how to make a wireframe:

Best wireframe examples for your inspiration

Best Wireframe Tools You Should Not Miss Out

If you find the linking boxes and simulate an experience a somewhat awkward thing to do, you are in good hands. Currently, there are quite some products available on the market to help you with exactly that, offering users the ability to quickly make a wireframe including the ability to link, and simulate the interaction on mobile or web. Adobe XD, Axure , and Mockplus are examples of this line of product. They vary in functionalities and capabilities.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, a wireframe is not only a good way to kickstart a project, it’s also a wonderful tool to test a design as well.



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