A Beginners’ Guide to User Onboarding with Best Practices & Examples

What is user onboarding?

Why should your team focus on user onboarding?

User onboarding best practices

1.Research your target audience

2.Personalize your onboarding process

3.Don’t overload features

4.Get users interacting with your onboarding

5.Use appealing visuals and effects

6.Automate your onboarding

7.Make it fun and intriguing

8.Fully test every onboarding step with real users

The best user onboarding examples






6.Vett App Onboarding

7.Food Delivery App Onboarding

8.Truemoney onboarding

9.Onboarding for Kids Game App

10.Delivery App Onboarding Screens

11.Outside Onboarding Screens

12.WKND Onboarding



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