Mockplus Cloud Plugin Update: Simplify Your Designing with Mockplus New Features

2 min readJul 8, 2020


Mockplus Cloud recently has updated its interface and PS plugin to hasten your design process. Let’s check the details now:

1.PS plugin update

Improved interfaces

The PS plugin for Mockplus Cloud has been fully updated with a more beautiful and effective interfaces. Log in, Upload, Setting and other pages are newly updated for better and easier design.

Automatically detect non-corresponding artboards while uploading

Once you checked the “Automatically detect the non-corresponding designs while uploading all artboards” option, the deleted artboards in PS will be automatically detected and removed in Cloud when you uploading artboards from PS.

Then, the number of artboards in Cloud will align the same with your latest design, saving you from the effort of finding and deleting any removed artboards manually. This greatly improves your efficiency and productivity.

2.Region markup — Intelligently mark up the width and height of an element/area

In the Review section of the Design module, Cloud added a new manual markup option for users — Region markup. This allows designers to mark up and generate the corresponding values of the width and height of any element/area with simple drag-and-drop.

This saves you from having to draw the width and height lines of an element/area one by one as well as filling in the related values manually.

Designers can be much more productive.

3.Undo & Redo operations in Storyboard

In the Storyboard module of Cloud, if you move or delete a page accidentally, you can use “Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y” to undo/redo your operation and restore it to the previous state.

These are all the new features of the Cloud PS plugin in this update. Feel free to explore them!

That’s all about the new features of Mockplus Cloud this time.




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